WAGPack stands for Website, Audio Graphics Package: This package began life as set of setups for my favorite media/editing software and "just Growed". If you have any doubts about them, read the reviews

If you want to build a website, using what you have here, you can go from scratch to the final upload. even if you are a newbie at it. Even if you are not interested in building, many of these programs will be useful

These came to me as freeware for strictly non-commercial use and I destribute them with that specific understanding. If you wish to use these for commercial applications, contact the companies for either a commercial liscense or Professional versions, which are geared to commercial purposes. The only code I did was the Slideshow; adaptation for a music track and labelling of actionable parts ("[ ...]")
NOTE: This kind of power does not come in a small package. This is 136 MB and may take awhile.

This package consists of setups and templates for

I use most of these things myself and I'm no geek or even close. everything is pretty intuitive. When you see things like aniGifs and slideshows and try to figure out how they're done, it seems scarier than it is. When I found out how easy this was, I was blown away. If you can use wizards and toolbars, you've got these things knocked.

Here is a neat trick that you can do with aniGif's. you can have a backgournd that changes color while the main image also changes. The way to do this is first create gif's of the colors you want and use them for the layers in an aniGif metafile which we will call here "colors.gif". Then create the main aniGif that will be the focus of attention. then write the page but make this change in the BODY tag: Instead of "bgcolor=" you use "background="colors.gif". this can be a small image since the browser will tile it and all of them will change in the same way at the same time. This is good because small gif metafiles are more efficient. Then put the main image how you want it.

Most of these are "exe" and use the setup wizard. SLIDESHOW is a template and the others are fairly simple to install. Also, Most of these programs link to their home sites so you can check for updates